Videos By Wayne Perkins, Voice Over Actor

 Videos by Wayne Perkins, Voice Over Actor

Trailer for the Book: I hope you enjoy all of the videos.

About the Stories in 1001 Bedtime Stories of World War II

Story 1: Heroism and Hope

Story 2: The Perkins Clan on December 7, 1941

Story 3: The Birmingham Family on December 7, 1941

Chapter 2
Story 4: Molly and Her Lib

Story 5: Molly Builds Bombers

Story 6: Machine Guns and a Note

Storyi 7: Molly’s Work Day

Story 8: Looking Back at World War II

Story 9: Terror on Tuesday

Story 10: Thanksgiving Weekend During World War 2

Story 11: White Christmas in San Diego During World War II

Story 12: Nightmares Begin for Molly

Chapter 3
Story 13: The Farm Boy

Story 14: Camp Grant Near Rockford, Illinois During World War II

Story 15: Where is Deuce”

Story 16:”Bravo Company, Fall In.”

Story 17 “Amber Waves of Grain.”

Story 18: “Bean Company, Fall In.”