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Hypnosis is a strong and effective way to achieve success over many of life's challenges such as weight, smoking, anxiety, high blood pressure, chronic pain, fears,  phobias, and much, much more.

The Problem...

A traditional  hypnosis or hypnotherapy treatment program usually involves several sessions in front  of the hypnotist or hypnotherapist. This traditional approach involves money and usually a great deal of money.

The truth is, most hypnotherapy treatment programs although effective involve travelling to a location, adjusting a work schedule, and going to the hypnotist when you may not feel quite ready that particular day. A typical hypnosis treatment program can run $800 to $1200 US and in the United States where I live there is usually no help from medical insurance companies. The  patient or client bears all of the expense.

Many years ago I had a  hypnotherapy practice located in a prime location at Doubletree Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona. After a few sessions as the client found success with hypnosis he or she usually stopped coming to the sessions. Six of eight visits were really not necessary for most people, so why pay for that many?

The Hypnosis Help Solution...

That is when I decided to close my office in Scottsdale, and come up with other ways to help those in need. I began with publishing books, cassette tapes. CDs which helped many people, but now I have finally come up with a better solution to help more people. I created the Hypnotism Education Website at the same web address you are reaching me now back in 1997 and ran it until 2017, helping hundreds maybe thousands  of people reach their goals through the Hypnotism Education format.

Now I have a better way to focus my attention on your problem and help you directly without costly visits or cumbersome SKYPE or smartphone connections.

The solution involves me using my forty years experience as a hypnotist and using that knowledge base to  create custom MP3 audio Hypnosis Treatment Programs using both my personal involvement by learning  your about your problem and issues via email, and then going into my professional recording studio and forging a program that is tailored for you and you only.

You send me your problem or goal and if I can help you with that problem or goal I will send you a list of questions to answer. Once you answer those questions,  I will invoice you via PayPal for $ 97.00 US.  When you pay for your Custom Hypnosis Treatment Program, I will create the program via MP3 audio along with instructions on how many times you should listen to it. Each program is designed to help you while listening to it once a day, usually before retiring when you normally go to sleep.

My contact email is: wayne@wayneperkins.net and my PayPal Account email is waynefperkins@gmail.com

My Phone number is:  602-647-4280

Email will get the quickest response because I spend most of my day in my recording studio and do not monitor the telephone.

More about Wayne Perkins and his  Professional Hypnosis Certifications:

Back in 1978, after teaching high school a few years and then becoming a musician, I decided to become a Professional Stage Hypnotist. I performed Professional stage hypnotism at high schools, colleges and universities throughout the United States for many years and at the same time became certified as a Certified Hypnotherapist from the Chicago Hypnotism Institute, the American Board of Hypnotherapy and the Arizona Hypnosis Society.

"I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve the success you deserve." Wayne F. Perkins




Wayne Perkins and Robin Perkins at the nearby Grand Canyon

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