Free Stress Reduction Video by Wayne Perkins

Reduce stress quickly at work with this little four minute stress reduction exercise called the "Work Break" by Wayne Perkins Master Hypnotist

I can make a custom audio MP3 audio hypnosis treatment program you can listen to and achieve success over stress.
Email me for details at: waynefperkins@gmail.com

"My mission in life is to help you achieve your mission in life."

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Custom Hypnosis Treatment Program

There is a problem or concern you have that becomes more dangerous and more challenging each day.  Nothing seems to alleviate the danger. Nothing solves the problem.

Enter the customized hypnosis treatment program.

You present me with your problem.

I let you know if I can help you or not. Sometimes I cannot and I will let you know up front.

I will then send you a short list of questions you need to answer in order for me to create your customized hypnosis treatment program.

You then pay me for the program and you will receive your customized hypnosis treatment program via email. It will be created as an audio mp3 audio file so you can listen to it on your smartphone, desktop laptop or  any handheld device that connects to the Internet and can play standard mp3s.

You will be instructed at that time how long to listen to your customized recording. It varies for the individual problem and your unique conditions.

Your question, How much does it cost?

Your cost is just $  97.00 US

Question? How do I pay you?

Answer:  You can pay me via a PayPal account, a US Cashier's Check or Money Order or you can pay me via Western Union. My PayPal email account address is waynefperkins@gmail.com


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Subliminal Custom Hypnosis Treatment Program

This the the "Big Gun" of Hypnosis Treatment Programs.

My subliminal audio MP3 audio recordings operate below the threshold of consciousness, thus allowing my words and your hypnotic treatment program to bypass any conscious resistance you may be sending off as you listen your recording.

For many people who tried other hypnotists, they may have failed because of too much resistance to overcoming their problem or just mentally fighting the other hypnotist. Subliminal Custom Hypnosis Treatment Programs seem to cut through the resistance barriers and the healing message gets through with the intended results.

When I create your Subliminal Custom Hypnosis Treatment Program, I will capitalize on using my forty years of experience on helping you bi-pass your critical thought by including suggestions beneath the suggestions you are hearing to help change your thinking much quicker in order to achieve your goal.

You will hear my "liminal" suggestions and you may or may not hear the "subliminal" suggestions.

You present me with your problem and goal via email. I return your email and if I can help you with hypnosis I will send you some questions to answer that will help me develop a powerful Custom Subliminal Hypnosis Treatment Program. When I receive your answers via email I will invoice you via PayPal for $147.00 for your recording and instructions on how to use the MP3 Audio Program. The length of the program is from 12-20 minutes, the same as the Custom Hypnosis Program, but your program will also contain powerful subliminal suggestions that travel underneath your Custom Suggestions. It takes me twice the creation time in recording and editing than the regular program, thus I charge $50.00 more for it. Your total is $ 147.00 US.

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My PayPal account is at : waynefperkins@gmail.com